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Updated: September 16, 2015

Missoula County and the Sale of Community Medical Center

Submit your comments to Montana Attorney General Tim Fox on the proposed transaction.

Missoula County Commissioners received inquiries about any financial or public interest Missoula County may have in the sale of Community Medical Center. The County Commissioners referred the matter to the County Attorney’s Office. County Civil Attorneys conducted research around the history of the land transactions related to the real property on which Community Medical Center sits and the financing history as it relates to public financing assistance in supporting CMC’s mission and delivery of service.

The County Attorney’s Office provided a memo on their findings related to the history of the real property and included a number of public records to support their conclusions.

Memo to the County Commissioners

Exhibit 1 – Quitclaim Deed, 1948

Exhibit 2 – Plat, 1963

Exhibit 3 – Restrictive Covenants, 1965

Exhibit 4 – Contract for Deed, 1965

Exhibit 5 – Recorded Contract for Deed, 1968

Exhibit 6 – Amended Restrictive Covenants, 1994

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