Saturday, October 10, 2015
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Missoula County Accessibility Information

Welcome to our information page on how we are striving to accommodate visitors with disabilities. The information found in the following sections was derived from various sources such as the W3C World Wide Web Consortium and other related sites. As a government agency we are required to comply with Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

Missoula County was the subject of a compliance audit by the U.S. Department of Justice to determine the level of compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. As a result of this audit, Missoula County entered into a "Settlement Agreement" with the Department of Justice whereby Missoula County agreed to policy and physical changes over a four-year period. Please read the Notice Under the Americans with Disabilities Act for more information.

Screen Readers and Other Visual Aid Technologies

This website provides full explanations and details for acronyms and abbreviations as much as possible throughout this website. A site glossary will be included in departmental websites as they are rebuilt over the the next couple of years. If you find areas that did not offer this where it was necessary or would have been helpful, please contact the help desk via email or call our Help Desk at 406-258-4727.

About Americans with Disabilities Act

While we continue to work towards complete adherence to ADA compliancy standards there are some areas that continue to need improvement. As a result, we are making every effort to convert our website content to a standard compliant with the guidelines established in the Web Accessibility Guidelines on the World Wide Web Consortium website.

Over the next several years Missoula County will be working closely with a representative from the Department of Justice to ensure our progress towards full ADA compliancy in our facilities, policies, and web content. During this time we will be undergoing evaluations from outside organizations that represent various disabled persons to determine areas in need of improvement. If you have any suggestions, comments or questions, please use the email address on this page.

If there is downloadable content on this website, we will attempt to ensure that all downloadable content is available in more than one format. For example, Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat's Portable Document Format or PDF, or plain text format are additional formats available for most content. Due to the nature of some content, such as maps, these can only be made available in its original format in order to preserve. If you require special formats other than what is available please send your request to the email address below:

You may also contact our office at 406-258-4727 if you need any assistance using our website.

There is wheelchair access to the Courthouse on either the Woody or Ryman streets' side doors of the courthouse and the rear entrance to the Annex on Spruce street. If you need any special assistance while accessing any courthouse service, please call 406-258-4877.

Missoula County will provide auxiliary aids and services.