Sunday, October 04, 2015
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Frequently Asked Questions

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  How can I contact the County Commissioners?

The office phone number is 406-258-4877 and their website is They also have a contact page on their website with more information.

  Where do I pay my property taxes?

You can either send in your payment using the bill mailed to you or you can come into the Treasurer's office and pay your property tax bill in person. Another way to pay your taxes is through our online tax payment system. Visit

  When are real property taxes due each year?

There are two times each year property taxes become due: May 31 and November 30.

  Can I look up my Property Tax information online?

Yes! The web address to the Property Information System is . Name search is unavailable for the general public as per Board of County Commissioners policy. Address look-ups can be accomplished on the system if a property address is known. Contact the Information Systems Help Desk by email or call at 406-258-4727 if you have any questions regarding the system.

There is a new, Flash-based Property Information System which requires at least version 10 of Adobe's Flash browser plugin.

  Where can I find job openings for Missoula County?

For information on Missoula County job opportunities, contact the Human Resources Department (formerly known as Personnel). Their web site contains a wealth of information to help visitors find out about new job opportunities with Missoula County. The job listings are updated as soon as jobs become available to the general public. You can also call their office at 406-258-4874 during normal business hours. Visit their website at

  Is your building wheelchair accessible?

Yes! There is now access between the old Courthouse and the newer Annex building, which was added in the last couple of years.

  Where do I renew my vehicle license?

Vehicle registration renewals can be done by visiting the Motor Vehicle Department located on the main floor of the Courthouse Annex. Their phone number is 406-258-4747. The hours of operation for Motor Vehicles are Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

  Where can I get a copy of a birth or death certificate?

You can obtain a copy of your Birth certificate by visiting the Clerk and Recorder's office located on the second floor of the Annex (newer part of the Courthouse) or call the office phone at 406-258-4752 during normal business hours.

  Where can I register to vote?

The Elections Department is located on the first floor of the Courthouse Annex (newer part of the Courthouse). Our office shares space with Treasurer, Motor Vehicles, and Clerk & Recording. You can also call the office at 406-258-4751 during normal business hours or visit their web site to view or print registration applications, requests for absentee ballots, and more.

  Who do I speak to about problems I am having with a department?

If you have problems with any office, please call that office and discuss your situation with them or call the County Switchboard at 406-721-5700 so that your call can be directed to the correct department.