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Missoula County has 33 boards, councils and commissions. Members are an invaluable resource of dedicated volunteers who serve our community. Listed below are the available board openings. The application form is available online.

Positions are open to new applicants on the following boards and committees:

Affordable Housing Citizen Oversight Committee - This is a City of Missoula committee with one member appointed by the Missoula County commissioners. The commissioner appointed term is open to new applicants. To apply, visit the city's website. Applications are due by 5 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 10.  The Missoula City Council adopted the Affordable Housing Trust Fund on July 20, 2020. The fund is an ongoing source to meet affordable housing needs and community goals. The committee will oversee key functions of the fund such as approving the administrative policies and the annual allocation plan. For more information, visit the city's website

Bonner-Milltown Community Council - The remainder of a vacant three-year term to May 31, 2021. At that time, if the appointed member wishes to continue serving, they will need to file as a candidate in the 2021 school/special district election. Applicants must be registered voters within the boundaries of Missoula County School District 14. Members of the council are elected to advance and promote the interests and welfare of the residents  of the Bonner-Milltown community by providing useful, beneficial and helpful information for Missoula County commissioners to consider in their decision-making process.  Application is open until the position is filled. 

Elections Advisory Committee - The Missoula County commissioners are accepting applications for two terms on the Election Advisory Committee. All current members are eligible for reappointment and will be given priority should they submit a letter of interest and meet the qualifications to continue serving.  Applications are available online. Current members must submit their letters of interest to the commissioners at The deadline for applications or letters of interest is 3 p.m. Jan. 28, 2021. 

Lolo Mosquito Abatement District BoardOne three-year term running through Dec. 31, 2023. Board consists of five members serving three-year terms. Missoula County created the Board of Trustees, Lolo Mosquito Abatement District in 1978 as a mosquito abatement district.  The district manages and controls mosquito pests and minimizes mosquito-borne diseases, such as West Nile and equine encephalitis. Meetings vary as needed.

Missoula Public Library Board of Trustees - Accepting applications for one alternate member to serve the remainder of a vacant five-year term, which runs through June 30, 2022. The board seeks candidates with a financial background. Applications are due by 3 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 24. The city-county board is comprised of one alternate and five regular members. Each board member serves a five-year term. Partial terms and time served as an alternate do not count against the term limits.  The board of trustees is the policy-making body of the library. They control the expenditures of the public library fund, the construction or leasing of the library building and the operations and care of the library. The library director is hired by the board of trustees and serves at the pleasure of the board. 

Planning and Zoning Commission – One vacant term running through Dec. 31, 2021. The Planning and Zoning Commission consists of three county commissioners, either the public works director or the county clerk and recorder, two citizen members, each of whom resides in a different citizen-initiated planning and zoning district or, if only one district exists in a county or is proposed, both from that district, and a county official appointed by the county commissioners. Meetings vary as needed.

Seeley Lake Community Council - One vacancy. The term runs through May 31, 2023. At that time, if the appointed member wishes to serve a full three-year term, they must file as a candidate in the 2023 school/special district election. The deadline for applications is 3 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 2. 

Zoning Board of Adjustments –  Two alternate member terms. The Missoula County Zoning Board of Adjustment provides equality and flexibility in the implementation of county zoning. The board administers provisions of the County Zoning Resolution and hears and decides appeals, variances and special exceptions to terms in the County Zoning Resolution upon which the board is required to pass under that resolution. Meetings are held at 7 p.m. on the third Wednesday of each month in the Missoula County Courthouse Sophie Moiese Room. Due to COVID-19, meetings may be held virtually until further notice.

Clinton Rural Fire District - one vacancy.  

Applications are available online at
Current members seeking reappointment, please submit letters or emails of interests addressed to the Missoula Board of County Commissioners to

For further information, please contact the Commissioners’ Office at 406-258-4877.

One regular member
One regular member
One regular member, two alternates
One member, to be appointed by board
One member, to be appointed by board
One vacant term of June 1, 2019 through May 31, 2022