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The Communications Division:

  • Prioritizes and enhances external communications with constituents.
  • Improves internal communications with employees.
  • Increases opportunities for the public to learn about county projects, programs and services.
  • Uses technology to enhance opportunities for public participation and civic involvement.
  • Collaborates with the Technology Department in developing website services and other technology to enhance public outreach and communications.
  • Improves customer service to individuals, businesses and organizations seeking assistance from Missoula County.

The communications manager oversees the communications coordinator and community engagement coordinator.


To be responsive and knowledgeable facilitators of internal and external information, placing public and staff needs above all else, by transparently sharing such efforts with the media and public through industry-leading communications channels to encourage civic engagement.


The Communications Division is committed to supporting all Missoula County departments by enhancing staff productivity and disseminating goals, progress and achievements to the public through transparent and timely communications.


We work actively to achieve:


  • To provide an open dialogue between elected officials, departments and staff and the public and media.


  • To have employees demonstrate excellence in public service and embrace the highest standards of ethics and integrity.


  • To respond in a timely manner to the needs of Missoula County residents to ensure the highest possible level of quality and professionalism in all undertakings so residents are proud to live and work in Missoula County.


  • To maintain a work environment that is adaptable to the changing needs of residents, the media and Missoula County staff, as well as to the continuous evolution of technology and social media required to meet those needs.


  • To strengthen cross-departmental and agency partnerships by fostering a positive work environment that clearly identifies goals, priorities and responsibilities of all involved parties to achieve optimum, measurable results.